Company Profile

DAMLACUP is company that confidently continues on its road in order to become a well-known brand cardboard cup company without compromising on 100% discipline and quality, the quality of production and its dedicated employees and by considering quality above everything else.

DAMLACUP uses technology of the 21st century and never compromises on quality. By combining these things with work discipline DAMLACUP AMBALAJ aims at becoming a trustworthy and much liked brand. The company concentrates on new breakthroughs without compromising on its peak goals and continues with solid steps towards the future.

DAMLACUP will be a company that is always followed up with the support of its customers, suppliers and employees.

DAMLACUP is a registered trademark of our company. Our products are manufactured according to the standards we have set for our brand. All of our products that are distributed throughout whole Turkey represent the DAMLACUP quality. We continue our work without pausing in order to carry our quality and production quality even further.

Being an indispensable part of our industry by providing service with an understanding that exceeds expectations.
To produce works with our expert and trained staff that will benefit the whole world.